SC Learning Disorders Task Force

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For more information, go to The SC Department of Education website:

Meeting is open to the public for comments:

Public Comment Overview

  • The Task Force conducts meetings regularly for the purpose of carrying out its official business, as outlined by state regulations. All meetings are open and accessible to the public, but are not public forums.
  • The Task Force is responsible for coordinating with the South Carolina Department of Education (Department) in the identification of universal screening tools to be used pursuant to Section 59-33-520, and for collaborating with the Department in the creation of the reporting guidelines required by Section 59-33-540. The Task Force is not responsible for identifying or recommending a specific program, method of instruction, or screening assessment tool. The use of names of students, parents, schools, or staff are not to be used when addressing the Task Force.
  • If you have a child, teacher, or school-specific issue, please contact the Office of Special Education Services’ (OSES) Ombudsperson at 866-628-0910.
  • As part of its business, the Task Force allots time on the agenda for public comment.
  • Individuals wishing to address the Task Force should sign in as a visitor and indicate the issue to be addressed on the appropriate section of this form.
  • Individuals who need any type of accommodations should alert the Chairperson or the OSES staff liaison. If possible, every attempt will be provided to ensure that all guests have the accommodations they need.
  • Visitors are to sit in the designated visitors’ area. Comments and questions from visitors are only received during the public comment period.

During Public Comment Forum

  • Public comment is limited to no more than five minutes per individual.
  • Public comment can be verbal or in written form which will be read by the Chairperson.
  • Public comment will not be used for vendor presentations or product endorsements or demonstrations.
  • Public comments should be factual, objective, and related to the Task Force’s mission.
  • All public comments are to show mutual respect with courteous behavior and language.
  • No action will be taken during the meeting of the Task Force on issues raised during the public comment forum.
  • A record will be kept of the individuals or organizations, and the issues they present to the Task Force.

Following Public Comment

  • Individuals and organizations are welcome to remain as guests for the duration of the meeting.
  • The Task Force will review the public comments received to determine if the issues fall within the scope of the Task Force and will determine the appropriate follow-up response.
  • If a follow-up response is necessary, it will be handled by telephone, electronic mail, or letter by the Chairperson or by the OSES’ staff liaison.

Download the Public Comment Form in PDF format.